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Making Memories: A Marriage Free From Monotony

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

This poem is a response to a poem written by Kamal called Routine and Repeat

Marriage can feel synonymous with repetition.

With you it’ll be different.

Long nights talking, cuddling, snuggling,

Long walks, adventures, watching TV together,

Praying, reading the bible together —

With you it’ll be spontaneous.

It doesn’t have to be long workdays, half-interested dinners, Saturday gardening and falling asleep with the TV on in separate rooms. I’ll spend time with you after our long work day. We can talk to one another about how our day went. We can do it how we want to, it doesn’t need to be like that. We can plan or be spontaneous.

It’ll not only be small moments. There’ll be big moments, our kids walking, our kids talking, our first night, our wedding day, our anniversary, our kids birthdays. I’ll wear my sweater to make sure it smells like me. We’ll be spontaneous.

The line between routine and repetition is spontaneous and sporadic.

Our plans for the future may seem surreal, but I know it’s all in His timing.

I’ll promise you I’ll say “Good morning, beautiful!” every morning. Kiss you every morning. I’ll cover your body with my body.

I’ll promise I’ll let you win in the Monopoly Deal tournament. Probably done by now and you’ve probably already won.


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