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Introduction: Why I’m Here

Why crickets? And better yet, what are they confessing?

If these are the questions that come to mind, having stumbled upon this humble corner of the internet, I’m not particularly surprised. If you’d like to find out, please, stick around. Put your feet up–get comfortable! If, on the other hand, you are an entomological romance enthusiast looking for your next juicy hit of pollination drama, this site may not be for you (phew).

Before we get too engaged in those dastardly chirping orthoptera (look at all these new words we’re learning!), allow me to introduce myself: my name is Kirushanthan Krishnapillai, also, and sometimes better, known as Cricket.

Now we’re catching on. Your faithful author is in fact the eponymous cricket (“Confessions of Cricket” just sounds stupid). As for the confessions–well we’re getting to that.

There are many reasons why this blog exists.

First and foremost, it is to serve as both a mirror and a road map of my life. I want to reflect and chart the transitioning of my life from a point where I had not yet met Jesus Christ (great guy–we’ll talk about him some more), to the time afterwards, and going forward.

Hopefully, in doing so, and sharing this weird mirror/map hybrid (a mirmap, if you will) with all of you, I will also accomplish my second goal, which is to be an encouragement and inspiration to you all, not out of my own successes (or more often than not, failures), but because of how God has worked in them. In some of the darker moments of my life (this won’t be all insect jokes), I have needed reminders that God was indeed beside me. I hope that I can be that reminder to others.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, this is also an act of worship. We have a God that is bigger than any imagining, and yet he is actively and genuinely engaged in our lives–in my life. This blog is a way to say thanks–for all the ways I have been blessed, all the people who have joined me along the way, and every opportunity I have been given. This one’s for you, Dad.

These posts will be “confessions” from me, but not in the typical sense of admitting my wrongdoings (though I’m sure there will be some of that). More often than not, my “confession” will be like that referenced in Romans 10:9, confessions of the awe inspiring, one hundred percent evident power of Jesus in my life. The blog will be a look at my everyday life as an everyday sinner, who has been transformed by the grace of Christ. My experiences presented here, both big and small, secular and religious, momentous and day-to-day, show the fingerprints of a God who makes it all matter.

And that’s pretty much it. Simple, right? I hope you follow the leading of whatever brought you here and stick around for a bit. I’ve got lots of stuff planned for the coming weeks, months, and years (who knows?), and I’d be honored if you’d join me. This is my journey with Christ, and I’d love to take you on the ride with me, as we share moments with Christ and talk about the things I have learned along the way. Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for the ride. Welcome to the family.

One last thing. Before I sign off this first post, I just wanted to take a moment to thank one person in particular for helping me make all this possible. This brother of mine is named Stephan Goslinski. He’s been beside me through this, since the very beginning. He’s kind of like my manager in way; for each blog he rereads, revises, edits and make sure it’s perfect before posting the blog (a lot of the vocabulary is his. So is this comment. This is getting really meta). This really is a team effort, and I can’t explain how grateful I am for having him as a friend and brother.

Thanks for listening (reading? I’ll figure this out)! Talk to you in the next one and remember to always stay grateful.

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