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Youth Unlimited

Cricket started with Youth Unlimited as a participant in 2014. He later continued with the program as a volunteer. Then he did a one-year internship with Youth Unlimited from September 2020 to September 2021. During his internship, he worked with Light Patrol, helping youth experiencing homelessness, and he also worked with DOXA. Signed on to be staff in September 2021, his official role at Youth Unlimited and DOXA is a “Community Youth Worker”. Cricket is focused in Scarborough and plays an integral role in DOXA, a sub-program of Youth Unlimited.  

Cricket is currently working on the following DOXA projects and programs: Administration for DOXA Gathering (a monthly gathering of youth groups in and around Scarborough), Elevation Winter Retreat (a retreat from February 3-5 in the Muskoka area) and credentialing for Youth for Christ. Cricket is also a part of the DOXA network team. Cricket also serves as a DOXA Daycamp leader; DOXA Daycamp is a Scarborough-based camp that is run across local churches for four weeks of the summer.


Cricket works with DOXA for about 22 hours weekly and has to fully fundraise his salary. He is supported by generous people like you. If you want to partner with Cricket, donate, or pray for Cricket's work with Youth Unlimited, please do not hesitate to reach out

First Alliance
Church Toronto 

Apart from working at DOXA and Youth Unlimited, Cricket works as a “Youth Ministry Pastor” at First Alliance Church Toronto located at Warden and Finch. Cricket started working as the youth pastor in September 2022. Cricket runs youth nights every Tuesday night from 6:30 to 8:00pm. 


Cricket's goal is similar to his life purpose: to help youth and young people walk in Christ's footsteps in all areas of their life.

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